Welcome to Billy, a new kind of travel app. Part travel tool, part digital magazine, Billy is not just about travel; serving you from from home to hotel – and back again.

How does Billy work for you? The app’s flight tracking tool allows you to keep up to date on vital information relating to your flight, as well as what kind of weather and traffic to expect as you head to the airport and when you arrive at your destination.

When travelling through the airport, Billy users are able to access exclusive and free VIP WIFI from the moment they arrive at the mainland pavilion, which carries on through the new pedestrian tunnel.

Then, once at your gate, check out Billy’s digital magazine for engaging articles related to the topics that matter to you, including business, lifestyle, travel and more.

Finally, Billy is there to help you find the best places to eat, drink and play while you’re on the road. Our informed and highly curated recommendations from our team of in-the-know locals are meant to make your trip simpler and more enjoyable.

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