Billy Bulletin June 29-July 5: Ottawa’s Big Birthday Bash; ‘Real Fake’ News About Trump; and Raccoon Rides the Subway…

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We have a lot of animal news for you this week, and we’re not sorry …

New York

The summer of subway hell has expanded to include someone taking a raccoon on the subway. (Via Time Out.)

Says everyone not from Toronto: “Aww. Cute!”

Says everyone from raccoon-infested Toronto: “Fools! Don’t teach a raccoon about transit. You have no idea how crafty they are! THEY WILL FIND A WAY TO USE THIS KNOWLEDGE AGAINST US!”

But New York also invented a negroni fountain, and there’s now a local outpost of Chicago’s mind-blowing experimental restaurant Alinea, so maybe all can be forgiven.


Speaking of infestations, the province of Quebec has issued a mosquito warning. This summer is fixing to be worse than usual; the rainy spring fuelled a population explosion for the little blood-suckers. Get your spray on.


The big day is finally here: Canada’s 150th birthday will be celebrated, despite misgivings, all over the capital. There are way too many events over the weekend to try to list them all (gosh, there’s a carillon concert, for goodness sake!). Get in the mood by perusing this list, which – for our American readers – looks exactly as boring as every other Canadian government web page.


Meanwhile, tweet your pet’s Canada Day costume to @OttawaTourism and they’ll share it with their followers (this is Roscoe)


Picture Toronto’s largest lakeside park … willows in the breeze. In this lakeside park, with so many memories, a trio of baby capybaras have been named Geddy, Alex and Neil in honour of Canada’s greatest rock band ever, Rush (don’t argue, it’s true). Keepers at the High Park Zoo might have trouble with the little rascals; their parents are notorious escapees. Meanwhile, recall that Toronto-born Rush members Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee already have a park named after them way uptown in Willowdale.


This capybara can play the bass and drum parts to YYZ

Also in Toronto: Beloved casual Parkdale bar The Cadillac Lounge is “winding down,” according to Now magazine. Residents and visitors: Enjoy its glorious patio while you can.


Definitely not fake news: Artist Scott Reeder’s sculptural piece REAL FAKE – which consists of five-foot-tall gold letters that spell out that phrase – is now installed in front of Chicago’s Trump Tower, in what seems like just about the right spot to stage a selfie juxtaposing the two things. The city wants to be very clear that the placement is just a coincidence.


Scott Reader’s Real Fake, 2013.


If you’ve ever wondered what a day on the job is like for airport security officers, The Guardian has this interesting confessional by a former English professor-turned-TSA officer and his search for meaning while reminding people about their liquids and gels.

Billy Bulletin June 29-July 5: Ottawa’s Big Birthday Bash; ‘Real Fake’ News About Trump; and Raccoon Rides the Subway…
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