Billy Bulletin May 12-18: Beer in Chicago, Air Canada Update, Charlie Brown Gets a Canadian Boss…

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From Peanuts to pub nights, here’s what’s happening across Billy-land …


The Chicago Critics Film Festival is exactly what it sounds like: a (small-scale) moviefest that unspools titles chosen by Chicagoland film critics. It’s a rare chance in 2017 to watch something a theatre that features neither animated characters that sing nor robots punching each other. All screenings take place at the historic Music Box Theater.

Speaking of entertainment for adults, on Thursday May 18, the Beer Under Glass event kicks off Chicago Craft Beer Week with a tasting of more than 200 beers (!), in the verdant greenhouses and gardens of the Garfield Park Conservatory.

New York

Once again, David Chang’s Momofuku empire grows bigger – slightly! Eater reports that Momofuku Ko, the East Village outpost that serves high-end tasting menus in a cosy and (relatively) no-frills environment, will be getting a whole 14 new seats, making reservations just slightly more attainable. Peachy.


Meanwhile, with Russia in the news, local residents are still fighting for the renaming of a Lower East Side street that bears the name of a congressman who was posthumously discovered to have been a Soviet spy.


The Peanuts gang now answer to bosses in Halifax. Locally based DHX Media has purchased the rights to Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the worst baseball team in comics for US$345-million. (We were going to make a joke about that amount not being peanuts, but we pulled it at the last second.)


She’s going to drop you, Snoopy


While the city’s music fans and bar patrons mourn the imminent closure of the nightclub Zaphod Beeblebrox, rest assured there are other Ottawa spots featuring live bands and weird names. Perhaps it’s time to get to know the House of Targ? It has pinball machines!



Hear ye! Hear ye! From the restaurant group that brought ye the bustling Parkdale palace known as Parts & Labour comes a new pub, The Anne Boleyn, launching May 18 at 117 Peter St. The media invitation promised “gourmet fare,” cocktails and guillotines. (Ahem, the guillotine was invented about two and a half centuries after Boleyn had her noggin lopped off – somewhat famously – by a French guy with a sword. Anyway.) The Anne Boleyn is fixing to be a big place, conveniently nearish to the Rogers Centre; here’s hoping the owners remember that serving pints smaller than 20 ounces is practically a beheading offence in Canada.

Travel news

Aeroplan and Air Canada will go their separate ways in 2020, according to reports, and the airline will develop its own loyalty program. (And really, the program has evolved such that we rack up most of our points by shopping as opposed to flying anyway, right?) Air Canada told the Globe and Mail that the transition will be smooth for holders of the orange card; you’ll be able to roll the Aeroplan points over to whatever the airline comes up with to replace it.

Despite high-profile, alarming incidents that draw attention to the misdeeds and missteps of the airline industry, most U.S. passengers have been growing happier with their experience over the past several years, according to a new survey by J.D. Power. While the airlines are getting the big picture right – passengers are experiencing fewer delays and so on – a chap from J.D. Power told Fortune those news-grabbing exceptions still remind us that “airlines have significant room for improvement.”

Billy Bulletin May 12-18: Beer in Chicago, Air Canada Update, Charlie Brown Gets a Canadian Boss…
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