Bulletin Aug. 25-31: The End of Summer Looms Like Some Kind of Mean Shark

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Here’s how the end of August is shaping up around some of the cities we cover …

New York

Just when commuters thought the summer of hell was over, it comes screeching back down the tunnel. As you may be aware, pretty much all rail transportation in and around New York has been gravely messed up this summer – especially the subway system.

Travellers to New York, beware that any journey can become a nightmare – here’s what happened just last Monday. And soon the summer of hell will become the fall of hell, and then the winter, and … well, who knows how long it will last? TimeOut reports: “The MTA has released an emergency plan to fix the subway, but it will take at least another year to be fully implemented.”

Have any bright ideas? There is now a US$1 million prize being offered to anyone who can come up with a solid idea to help transit authorities out of the jam.

Will lucky seven get you to that meeting on time?

At least there are a few things to look forward to in New York: Here is Eater’s list of the 22 most anticipated restaurant openings for this fall.


Housing crash? What housing crash? A new report from Zillow shows that many U.S. cities have seen an explosion of “million-dollar zip codes” over the past decade, erasing the effects of the 2008-9 crisis, and then some. Curbed notes that DC’s hot housing market puts it among the notable bounce-back metropolises: “Now, nearly one in five houses in the District costs more than $1 million.”

Dupont Circle, where you’d better believe the nice houses cost a million bucks

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

SHARK ATTACK! While the rest of the continent was gripped by the Aug. 21 eclipse, sky-gazers at a Cape Cod beach (a 90-minute drive from Boston) were distracted from the celestial dance by a great white shark mauling a seal to death in the ocean right next to them, creating a disturbing show of blood. So there’s another thing you shouldn’t look at directly.

Montreal and Ottawa

Both cities experienced serious storms over the past week, with impressive-looking hailstones observed in Ottawa. Efforts to clean up splintered trees and other debris may cause traffic delays, and travellers should expect mildly interesting storm anecdotes in the coming days.

This one is actually good, in its quintessential Montreal-ness: Per CTV: “On Mariette [Street], a tree that neighbours had been asking the city to remove for years was snapped in half.” While it can take forever for the city bureaucracy to send an arborist, Mother Nature does her work in an instant.

Bulletin Aug. 25-31: The End of Summer Looms Like Some Kind of Mean Shark
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