Montreal’s Top Co-Working Spaces

When benchmarking and reporting firm Compass released its 2015 Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking (a list of areas and cities ordered from one to 20), Montreal placed 20th on the list behind Toronto and Vancouver. It was significant feat for a growing entrepreneurial city, to be placed amongst global mammoths like London, Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley, well-developed startup heavyweights with a greater abundance of resources.

While there’s a clear tech orientation present at co-working spaces, most of the shared offices spaces in Montreal welcome people and companies from an array of industries. This mishmash of experiences creates a synergy that makes co-working in Quebec’s largest city so prosperous. Whether you’re stopping in Montreal for meetings or you’re a small-to-mid-sized business looking for a home, here are the Montreal co-working spaces worth considering.

Station C

Located in the city’s Mile End neighbourhood, a district known for its thriving arts, music, writing and film culture, Station C is a setting for creatives and entrepreneurs alike. Aside from the startups, their members include designers, writers and marketing consultants. Membership options are flexible, ranging from three days per month, three days per week or unlimited (prices are $60, $175 or $350 a month, respectively). The space also comes equipped with a high-powered espresso machine, beanbag seating, and sturdy, solid oak work desks.

5605 Avenue de Gaspé #204

La Gare

La Gare’s founding partners include Canadian corporate behemoths like Telus and Deloitte. Also located in Montreal’s Mile End, La Gare’s co-working memberships are aimed at growing businesses. They offer a number of workshops; their partnership with DynamicLabs includes an evening training series hosted at the space, which aims to boost skills in web and digital for Montrealers looking to break into the industry. A monthly membership goes for $295 a month, which includes 15 hours of conference room time and access to partner spaces in Toronto, San Francisco and Chicago, to name a few.

5333 Avenue Casgrain #102, 514-618-6439

La Commune

Located in the picturesque Old Port facing the St. Lawrence River in Old Montreal, the mission at La Commune is simple: “creativity, productivity and sociability.” La Commune’s two-floor space features exposed brick, wooden flooring and a refurbished fireplace placed smack dab in the lounge, only adding to the building’s old-world charm. As a part-time member, you have access to the facility 11 days per month for a monthly fee of $174 per month. Full timers have 24/7 access and a dedicated desk for a cost of $299 per month. Closed offices are also available starting at $700.


440 Place Jacques Cartier, 514-360-5638

Espace 360

With two locations in Montreal, the first at St. Urbain and the second newly opened facility at Waverly, Espace 360 is fast becoming the go-to co-working spot in the city. The St. Urbain location is a two-story 8,000-square-foot space with 13 private offices, eight cubicles, three conference rooms and a decked-out photography studio. Prices range from $250 per month for open workspaces to $1,450 a month for closed offices that fit up to eight. Waverly, which just opened on January 1, 2016, is a jacked up version of St. Urbain, a 32,000-square-foot building suited to growing companies with teams of up to 25 people.

7240 Rue Waverly, 514-687-3898

Nexus Workspace

Located in the trendy Plateau Mont-Royal is Nexus Workspace, a business center that opened its doors back in 2011. Five years later and Nexus is home to a bustling community of self-starters, from accountants and consultants to language trainers and designers. With 41 dedicated desks ($219 per month) in the open co-working area and 14 private offices with varying capacities, there’s almost always up to 80 people around you at one time. The benefit? It’s an environment that always feels bustling.

4529 Clark #300, 514-466-1641

IDEAL Co-working

IDEAL Co-working is by far the best co-working space in Montreal if you’re looking for flexibility. Just five minutes from the public Atwater market and Place-St-Henri Metro station, their tight-knit group of professionals have the choice between two kinds of memberships: permanent and occasional. Permanent members have the options of single desk, open office or closed office space ($184, $368 and $477 per month, respectively), while occasional members can rent out a single desk space for either one, two or three days a week ($90, $135 and $160 per month).

4035 Rue Saint-Ambroise, 514-303-5493

Montreal’s Top Co-Working Spaces
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