New York City’s Top Co-working Spaces

The first ever co-working space in New York City opened up in 1999; it was run by a software company with the underlying purpose of creating a pleasant work environment with flexible cancellation policies. They dubbed it 42 West 24, and the space is still alive today.

Some 17 years later, the idea of co-working in New York is both well-recognized and utilized amongst entrepreneurs, independents and the like. There are even apps like Croissant, an NYC-only co-working tool, which allows its members to drop by any of their 20 partner co-working offices at a rate of $299 per month so long as there’s free desk space (the app, of course, figures this out for you depending on your location).

Croissant is ideal for someone who moves around the city a lot, but if you’re looking for a place to really call home and community to grow with, or if you’re in Manhattan for an extended period of time and need a reliable setting to ‘connect’, the surplus of those offering co-working in NYC can be daunting. Here, we’ve compiled a list that makes it easy to choose – New York City’s best co-working spaces.

Projective Space

When you ask an NYC entrepreneur who’s in the know about the best co-working spaces in the city, you’re likely to hear whispers of the Projective Space, which has risen in popularity so much that prospective members must fill out an application in order to be considered. That being said, if you’re a fairly successful small-to-mid enterprise with solid VC backing there’s a good chance that you’ll qualify (they consider applications on a rolling basis). Projective Space is also home to a number of events such as film screenings, launch parties and Q&As with big-name entrepreneurs like the Co-CEOs of website Refinery29. Full-time memberships are $455 per month.

72 Allen St, 3rd Floor


Courtesy WeWork

WeWork’s Wall Street space.


WeWork maintains a lot of its hype in the world co-working marketplace by being an active enthusiast and participant of the sharing economy. It’s not about the spaces per say (and they’re in 19 cities so far), it’s about the people – shared values, co-creation and the collaborative enterprise, which is the bread and butter of WeWork. Created out of New York, WeWork has grown into an internationally recognized brand that accelerates the global swapping of good ideas. With buzzwords like “inspired, tenacious, grateful, together” plastered across their branding, they’ve garnered a team of missionaries who are more empowered by the work they do as a collective than alone. Membership options vary from starter (1 day per month at $45), unlimited ($350 per month), dedicated desk ($450 per month) and dedicated offices, which vary in price.

115 W 18th St, 4th Floor, 877-960-2797


Located smack dab in the middle of iconic NYC landmarks like Bryant Park, Times Square and the New York Public Library, and only a short walk away from six of NYC’s subway lines, Ensemble’s members include family businesses turned e-commerce companies, personal styling subscription services and real estate businesses. Weekly wine and cheese, beer and pizza, and monthly lectures keep members engaged and connected to one another. Other practical benefits include having a marketing content writer on hand for your new website as well as key partnerships with organizations like RepStartups, which connects startups with university students looking for internships. Pricing starts at $35 per day, $450 per month for a dedicated desk and $2,000 per month for a private office.

32 W 39th St, 4th Floor, 212-757-3210


Courtesy AlleyNYC

AlleyNYC’s Midtown space is designed to foster entrepreneurial energy.


In an economy where nine out 10 startups fail and ex-CEO post-mortem essays are splashed across Medium, AlleyNYC’s claim to fame is its ability to turn a startup’s vision, mission and ideas into a stable, profit-generating business. You really have to be bringing your A game, as this community of high achievers are looking for people to match their relentless gusto. Perks include essentials for growing businesses like legal, staffing and accounting services – all the stuff you’d rather outsource to a third party. Monthly memberships at a shared desk costs $450 a month, while a dedicated desk is $650 per month and personal office space starts at $2,200 a month.

500 7th Avenue 17A, [email protected]

Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), New York

The Centre for Social Innovation made our list of Toronto’s Most Vibrant Co-working Spaces, and its NYC location is no exception. The reason we love CSI so much is that it’s a launch pad not only for those who seek to offer compelling products or services, it’s a place that fosters the growth of those bold enough to change the world. An energizing space decorated with a mix of old world (deep maroon rugs, mahogany, a wooden canoe dangling from the ceiling) and new world (concrete flooring, custom-built furniture and lighting made with reclaimed materials), CSI New York can accommodate almost 300 people across its 32 private offices, 50 private desks and open co-working space for changemakers popping in or staying put.

601 W 26th St #325, 212-274-8444

New York City’s Top Co-working Spaces
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