Who’s Helping Singles Hook Up? Bernie Sanders, That’s Who

Fans of the Democratic presidential candidate are looking for love on the left side of the spectrum


American presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is getting some love as an inadvertent matchmaker, of all things.

Plenty of Fish and eHarmony, eat your hearts out. Bernie Singles is a new dating site that matches singles who share the Vermont senator and presidential candidate’s social democratic political ideology. The site, launched on Valentine’s Day by a group of supporters of the left-leaning Sanders, attracted more than 7,000 members in its first month. The first 1,000 members signed up within an hour of being launched, causing the first of several crashes.

According to Bernie Singles rep and co-founder Joshua Kaunert, the idea was inspired by flirting between millennial members of a Facebook group dedicated to the senator. The February 2016 banning of two Tinder members accused of spreading pro-Sanders messages also played a role in the creation of Bernie Singles.

While just 3% of the volunteer-run site’s traffic comes from Canada, the figure has a solid chance to grow given the site’s still-fledgling existence and the country’s hefty exposure to American politics. Bernie Singles also negates the inevitable cyber icebreaker of mainstream dating sites, since its members already betray some of their values through the sheer act of joining. The site also offers a consolation of sorts for those who don’t get lucky: members can engage in political discussions on any of its several forums.

Bernie Singles is almost certainly the first senator-themed dating site, but it’s far from the first to cater to a niche demographic. As coveted as traits like looks and a sense of humour may be, singles can easily find online outlets for the environmentally conscious (Green Singles), fans of Ayn Rand, even people who don’t eat gluten – all of which have varying, yet sizeable Canadian constituencies.

Who’s Helping Singles Hook Up? Bernie Sanders, That’s Who
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